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Frida Lindroth

Breaking / Models

Sinfully beautiful, and she is dancing like an angel too! We make an attempt to get under the skin of the sexy Gothenburg model Frida.



Hi Frida, tell us a bit about yourself?
– My name is Frida Lindroth, I am 26 years old and live in Gothenburg in Sweden. On my spare time I usually hang out with my friends or stay at home “Netflix and chilling”.
Something I’m passionate about is dance! I love to dance and during the nights I work at Gothenburg’s most exclusive strip club – Chat Noir.

Do you have any favorite music you like to dance to in the club?
– It varies, but one type of music I absolutely can’t live without is hip hop. I also love music with a lot of bass!

How would you think your best friend would describe you?
-Hmm what a difficult question, hehe. But I think she would describe me as a happy and positive person (I hope) haha! I always try to look at life positively!

If you would have the opportunity to have any job that you wanted, what would be your dream profession?
– I already have my dream profession which is to be a dancer at my wonderful club!

What are you most satisfied with, when it comes to your appearance?
Hmm I have to say my boobs. I get quite a lot of compliments for them as well haha!

The oddest place I’ve had sex in must be..


Are you single or taken?
Hihi I have actually been in a relationship for 9 years now!

Tell us about some crazy sex related experience that you haven’t told anyone about? Have you hooked up with a celebrity, or ever had sex in any strange places?
No I have not been intimate with any celebrities, not as far as I know anyway haha! The oddest place I’ve had sex in must be on a trampoline in our garden. It was actually a little fun! But I will not say anything more about that, you have to use your own imagination haha!

So tell us, how did you become a model at Nordic Finest?
I started at Nordic Finest and became a model thanks to my best friend. She told me that she blogged on a great site where you could make money on videos and also have it as a hobby on the side. In addition, I love to shoot films and take pictures of myself, so it suited me perfectly. Hihi!

So which one of your videos or photos on your model page are you most satisfied with?
I must say that it is a sexy video with me and Jenna. We did it together with Nordic Finest a long time ago, but I am still super happy with it!


Thanks for the interview Frida! We hope that you will stay with us for a long time so we get the chance to enjoy lots of more hot pictures and videos with you! Follow her blog to see all of her sexy pictures and videos and to keep track of her future posts. Click here to take a look.


This is the clip with Jannica that she mentioned.

Frida is wearing some sexy lingerie and gives a totally nude Jannica a sensual massage.

Visit her blog and purchase a subscription to see it. You won’t be disappointed.


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