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Unique. Extreme. Passionate.

Aleksandra Milo from Gothenburg, aka Alexi Haze, is a model and a Nordic Finest-blogger. We thought that you might want to know a little bit about her, so we asked her a couple of questions, here is the answers.


How long have you been modeling for us?

About one and a half years.

What do you do when you do not blog?

I am a very home-loving person who likes cooking, baking and being out in nature with my dogs. In addition, I am very interested in beauty and beauty products.

Then you probably have a lot of beauty tips. Want to share some?

Be sure to clean your face twice a day and use face masks frequently. A dermaroller is also something I highly recommend.

What do you watch on TV to have a laugh or two?

Unfortunately I don´t have that much of a sense of humor.  Instead I prefer to watch documentaries, drama or psychological thrillers. But I do appreciate a bit of stand-up comedy, such as Cat Williams or Eddie Murphy’s classic “RAW”.

I like men who are intelligent, confident and unafraid to help themselves to what they want.

Describe your style in three words?

Unique, extreme, passionate.

What is the sexiest garment in your wardrobe?

I love lacquer, so it would be my thigh high white lacquer boots with 23 cm heels. They really bring out my figure. I love to have them on me. They are absolutely perfect

What do you find sexy in a man?

I like men who are intelligent, confident and unafraid to help themselves to what they want. They should also be able to stand by their word and not afraid to be emotional. When it comes to appearance the face and the hands are very important. And green eyes.

Thank you Aleksandra.

Be sure to check out her blog at Nordic Finest, which you will find here.


In this clip Aleksandra shows you her big boobs. This clip is purchased by donations, which means that you set the price. Come on now, don’t be cheap. 


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