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I began my career many years ago as a glamour / erotic model. I´ve been published in several magazines such as Aktuell Rapport, Cats, Hustler, Moore, Slitz and Playboy Special Edition. Almost at the same time, I also began to striptease.

Back in those days I lived in Linköping and the striptease jobs consisted of traveling to nearby places and dancing at various events such as bachelor parties, birthday dinners and so on. The most quirky assignment I had during those years was a job in a tiny hamlet called Södra Vi, where I had to play a fox that was fledged in front of about 50 dinner guests.

Say what you want, but this profession has given me tons of material for my future memoirs.

A few years later my career continued by dancing at various erotic fairs around Sweden, at which point I realized that it was a bit embarrassing to get up and perform in front of a big, excited audience and not be able to do jack shit with the two poles that were on stage.

There and then I decided to start pole dancing.

Pole dancing basically has its origins in circus and striptease, but nowadays it’s more about acrobatics and fitness. Although there are of course variations such as exotic pole that is a bit more like sexy dancing with high heels. It is a very difficult sport and it takes a long time to build enough strength and agility in order to perform tricks on the pole.

Today I would say that pole dance is my life. I work in a pole dance studio in Marbella, both as a receptionist and an instructor and I love every second of it. I have also competed in- as well as arranged- pole dance competitions. Unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to showcase my skills at the erotic fairs, but you can see me in action on Instagram where I upload videos from my sessions.But if you want to see a bit more erotic pole dancing clips featuring me, you should check out my blog on Nordic Finest.

There is, for example, one video where I make a spectacular spin on the pole, naked as the day I was born.


“A nice stage show at the erotic club Heartbeat in Stockholm. Its even more erotic in the private room..” – See this clip for free on Aminas blog

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