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Designer and model – Jennie

Breaking / Models

Jennie from Denmark is a model and designer with a style that stands out. Read a bit about her and take a look at her pictures below.


How long have you been blogging for Nordic Finest?

I’m not sure. For about two years, I think.

What are your interests besides blogging and photography?

When I’m not shooting or blogging I usually do a lot of creative stuff, like making jewelry or paintings, decorating whatever or whoever I can. I got a Facebook-page with my stuff, called aJenda Lovemore, a J for Jennie instead of a G. 😉

When did you start shooting and what style would you say you have?

I think I started some time in 2012, also as a creative outlet. I love dressing up and getting all the attention.

My style is original. I wear whatever I like.

What is the sexiest item in your wardrobe? Do you have any fetish?

I don’t have any item in particular. I combine stuff to get a certain look or express a feeling that I think is sexy or provocative.

I definitely have a lot of weird stuff going on in my brain but not really a specific fetish.

During your time as a Nordic Finest-blogger, have you experienced anything particularly interesting or funny?

No but I think that everyone that are interested in me and enjoy this stuff as much as I do makes it extra fun.

Love, Jennie


Well, she really does stand out. Visit her Facebook-page and take a look at her blog att Nordic Finest.


Jennie offers you two free pictures from her blog. Enjoy!

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