Get to know the Norwegian bombshell Lotte Ninja Fagerheim


Lotte “Ninja” Fagerheim from Norway is by far one of the biggest and most popular models blogging on Nordic Finest. If you are as popular as she is, one cannot help getting curious about her and why she attracts so many followers. Here you’ll find out more about Miss Ninja, and when you check out her blog you will se why she has so many fans.


How long have you been on Nordic Finest?

It’s about two years now, maybe longer. I often get offers from other model pages, but I do not even consider them. Nordic Finest is a serious site and you always get paid on time

Have you experienced something particularly interesting or extra funny during your time as a blogger at Nordic Finest?

Yes, I’ve found that there are people who want to buy everything from pictures on my butt to pictures of the bottom of my shoes, even if I´m not in the picture. It fascinates me a little bit and I make sure that I do everything I can to get my customers what they want. I do not judge anyone and therefore have no problem with my customers telling me what they are looking for so that I can try to fulfill their wishes and post it for sale on the blog / website.

What do you do when you do not blog?

I am a very outgoing and social creature who loves to spend time with friends, dating, training and other physical activities. I want a lot to happen in life, every day. I have been training martial arts since I was 13 years old, including Taekwondo where I have a second-degree black belt. I also play Pokemon-Go and have reached level 40 on three different accounts.

I probably reach the same level of anxiety from being hungry as a person with social anxiety disorder would in a shopping mall


Do you have any other hobbies?

Yes, I like photography, both standing in front of and being behind the camera, and often come with my own ideas about how the pictures should be, as I tell my photographers. If I do not take sexy pictures of my body, I use my cat as a photo object and upload the pictures on her own instagram page @hvitninja. I also like to eat and hate being hungry. I probably reach the same level of anxiety from being hungry as a person with social anxiety disorder would in a shopping mall. I also watch series sometimes, but never alone. I cannot sit alone on the couch without holding on to Snapchat or visiting dating sites.

Speaking of series, what do you watch on TV to have a laugh?

I have just watched a Norwegian series called “Side by Side” for the second time. Jesus Christ, it is SO funny! Otherwise, I spend more time laughing at my own snaps on my public Snapchat “Lotteninja” than watching TV. In addition to some Netflix and chill if I have a date, which I often have. As I said, I prefer to be socializing.

How do you want other people to perceive you and what three words would you use to describe your style?

Like a sexy and independent woman, which I think I’m pulling off quite well.

Lightly dressed, sexy and comfortable.

..more often than not I end up with someone who none of my friends find attractive


What do you find sexy in a man?

What usually charms me is first and foremost personality and radiance. Occasionally, I find someone who looks really good, but more often than not I end up with someone who none of my friends find attractive. But if there is good chemistry and if I have fun with that person, it does not matter. A sexy look is also something I notice.

What is the sexiest garment in your closet?

I have a whole wardrobe with clothes that is exclusively for my sexy Snapchat, so it’s hard to say. Perhaps a catsuit that is see-through. I like that one very much.

Do you have any particular fetish?

I love to shower with clothes on. I feel so sexy when they become transparent and clings to my body.

Do you have any favorite beauty products?

Highlighter (I have five different ones and can never choose only one). I have used Essential Cleansing Solution from DermalogicaI since I was 15 years old. I´m addicted to it. I use it to remove makeup, shave my private parts or if the skin is dry somewhere. Although not a beauty product, I have to mention apple fiber as well.


Body painting photos by Kristoffer Eide @eide_fotografi


Thank you Lotte. Visit her Nordic Finest-blog and see for yourself what makes her so popular. 

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